Best hammond b3

Best hammond b3

Steve Winwood in via his Facebook page. The Hammond B-3 as well as C-3 and M-3 models and Leslie speaker cabinet with its spinning speaker horns providing vibrato that were already popular in jazz became part of the rock instrumental mix. The introduction of such portable organs as the Vox Continental and Farfisa brought its sound to countless mids garage rock bands, where it enjoyed widespread prominence.

Whatever the classic rock subgenre, the organ expanded the sonic palette of rock music in numerous appealing ways. The numbering of this list is largely arbitrary — and could just as easily have included such other top organists as Felix Cavaliere of the Rascals and Mark Stein of Vanilla Fudge — as every one of the players here is an acknowledged master organist that helped etch the instrument into the rock music legacy.

And each of the following musicians displays his own distinctive feel and touches across the range of rock music styles. His keyboard talents and songwriting skills were an essential element in the sound of the Zombies in the s and again with the re-formed band today.

In addition to his playing with Purple and Whitesnake, Lord composed a number of classical pieces. Related: Our Ian McLagan tribute. Rex and Cat Stevens and was a member of the Strawbs prior to joining Yes in He has released some 90 — yep, count em, over 90 — solo albums.

Related: Listings of s of current classic rock tours. Related: Keith Emerson tributes. Jones on the B His organ purrs gently in the background of this grooving gem like a lion in repose, leaping out here and there to slash away. The tune has been covered by such acts the Clash and the Blues Brothers. His playing on the song that first brought his instrumental and singing talents to American ears in this 7 hit in — while Winwood was still a teenager — continues to serve as a bracing example of what his organ playing could bring to a recording.

And yes, they are one of the most underrated bands ever. The latin should be procul harun, but the band got it wrong! Not in 4 million light years. Winwood has always been the master of understatement but not on that jam…. Also, for fans of the more recent jam bands, Kyle Hollingsworth of String Cheese Incident is fantastic.The Hammond B3 is a beast of an instrument and the jazz-organ-trio format is a staple of the jazz idiom. Tracings its origins back to a wind driven instrument-compressed air being pushed throughmultiple-length tubes to sound various notes-the pipe organ made its way into western religious ceremonies in the eighth century when Charlemagne installed one in his chapel in Aachen.

For centuries since the organ has been the musical instrument of choice in churches, temples and synagogues. Then came along came Laurens Hammond. His goal was to offer a cheaper alternative to the pipe organ for churches and places of worship and he succeeded with the introduction of his Hammond model A console organ in The B3 model was modified in and has gone through numerous electronic iterations including a new XB3 that was made by Hammond-Suzuki and purportedly faithfully simulates the original tonewheel sound through the use of electronics.

But the original tonewheel generator B3 had a distinctive sound and feel, and is the model most prized by aficionados. The B3 would eventually be brought out of the church and into secular world and become a staple of the jazz tradition. It is chronological, starting with Waller and ending with Charette, but it easily could have been more inclusive given enough space and time. There will undoubtedly be some musicians who are missing entirely from the list and deserve to be included and for tha t I apologize.

Many thanks to Mathew Kaminski the organist for the Atlanta Braves and a helluva jazz organist himself for his astute input. The music had a certain bounce to it, a calliope sounding celebration.

The organ was also seen as a cheaper alternative to the expense of hiring a full seventeen-piece big band. With its combined use of chorus and single line notes, the organ could create a bigger, broader sound. A deft technician could use creative positioning of his draw bars to mimic other instruments. It was like having a band in a box. Lucky from Lucky by Henry Mancini and his Orchestra. Here he is heard playing with guitarist Kenny Burrell. The use of a guitarist often with or without drums as the other voice along in the jazz organ became a very popular format for the form.

He switched to organ after hearing Wild Bill Davis in Smith had his own distinctive setting on the pull bars and he used a percussive attack, the result became known as his signature sound. He was also a facile improviser and was adept as using his bass pedals to simulate the sound of a walking string bass.

Best B3, Rhodes, Synth, Piano in One Keyboard

After Jimmy Smith, there were whole legions of players who were undeniably influenced by his style on the B3. Here are some of my remaining choices for most memorable performances on the instrument all the way into the modern day.

Joe Dukes drms. With Grant Green gtrElvin Jones drms. Make no mistake about it the ladies have come to this party with Shirley Scott, Rhonda Scott and Barbara Dennerlien all struting their chops. Here is Queen of the organ Shirley Scott. The next selection is my tip of the hat to the whole generation of prog rockers that took up the mantle of the B3. While not truly jazz players, they did make the organ a memorable part of the music of the sixties, seventies and beyond.The most popular is the B-3, produced between and The instrument was designed to replace the pipe organ in churches, and early adopters included Henry Ford and George Gershwin[5] but it was not widely adopted for classical music.

After usage declined in the jazz world in the s, it subsequently regained its popularity in the genre and has become the second most used keyboard instrument in jazz after the piano. Having found success in jazz, the Hammond organ became popular in rhythm and bluesincluding Booker T.

best hammond b3

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This is a dynamic list and may never be able to satisfy particular standards for completeness. You can help by expanding it with reliably sourced entries. The History of Jazz. Oxford University Press. Keyboard Magazine. Archived from the original on 22 September Retrieved 23 August Retrieved 24 July Tori Amos: In the Studio. ECW Press. Beat Publications Ltd.

Retrieved 23 July Sound on Sound. Retrieved 28 August Phil and Jim Publishers. Retrieved 28 February Reprise Records. K Ultimate Classic Rock. The Independent. Retrieved 27 June Jawbone Publishing Corp. Retrieved 30 July The Life of James Brown. Omnibus Press. Archived from the original on 3 July Retrieved 14 June Most of the recordings on this list prominently feature the Hammond and show off some amazingly gifted musicians like Jon LordKeith EmersonJimmy Smithetc.

There a fair number of songs here in which the Hammond is a supporting instrument but so vital to the sound of the recording it simply can't be ignored. Artists like Buddy Cole, Leroy Glover and Jimmy Greenspoon have contributed dazzlingly effective sounds from a Hammond that enhance rather than dominate these Hits. The point of this list is to showcase the instrument and its impact on modern music.

Twenty-five + Great Jazz & Blues Organ Performances

Arguably, no other electric keyboard instrument has been as influential. List of songs played on a Hammond Songs popular with home organists. Greatest Hammond Albums albums featuring the Hammond.

best hammond b3

Q: Can we take it for granted that Jean-Jaques Kravetz played a B-3 in both aforementioned recordings? A: Ultimately, unless an artist specifically states the exact model he or she was using on a recording, it's difficult to know what was being played. While no Hammond sounds exactly like any other Hammond, the console organs B, C, A differ only in the casework and should sound the same. The speakers and amps used on a recording, of course, can be wildly different different Leslie models, Hammond cabinets, the A's internal speakers, miking styles, etc.

The latest clones are very, very good. So good, in fact, that a couple of the later Hammond Hits listed above might actually be recorded on a clonewheel. In his early years in Spock's Beard, Ryo Okumoto clearly is playing a Hammond but the Hit I added above a few years ago sounds like it might be a clone The content of this page is Copyright C, Geoffrey T. Dairiki and the other authors of the content, whoever they may be.

best hammond b3

Absolutely no warrantee is made as to the correctness of the information on this page. Support HammondWiki. Also see: List of songs played on a Hammond Songs popular with home organists.

Last edited on September 5, am. Edit PageHistory.Discussion in ' Keyboards and Synthesizers ' started by DougeeDec 8, Log in or Sign up. The Gear Page. Dec 8, 1. Messages: Need for Home Studio, and Live Stage!! I saw a YouTube video withe the PianoManChuck playing a Kawai MP11 with a Synth Box on top of it with just about all the sounds I'm looking for so would one of those type Boxes with one of the keyboards I mentioned would work pretty good?? DougeeDec 8, Dec 8, 2. Messages: 7, I'll be watching this as well since I love the B-3 but know there is no way I can ever have one unless I win a lottery not just for the keyboard and speaker but for the larger house I'd need to put it in.

BluesForDanDec 8, Dec 8, 3. Messages: 2, Nord makes very amazing keyboards.

13 Best Rock Organists (& Their Most Killer Tracks)

I own an Electro which is quite excellent for these vintage keyboard sounds. I do not have 1st hand experience with their synthesizers, but their recordings are fantastic IMO. I use a Roland Fantom for synth sounds. GillespieDec 8, MadsenProf. Fuzzhucklebee and 2 others like this.

Dec 8, 4.

Derrick Jackson at West Angeles COGIC - Organ Solo with Praise Break

Messages: 3, Kronos is still the top of the heap. It does everything the OP wants and more. Some issues though LCD screen has tiny fonts and the build quality could be better. I would suggest Jupiter 80 but the organs are its weakest point. Some aliasing with the VA synth in the higher registers. DevnorDec 8, Dec 8, 5. People seem to go nuts for the Nords. I've shared others' on a few bills and they seem really nice. I'm an easy customer though - for these shows usually all I want or need is a good B3 sound which is why I tend to use another band's keyboard for these kinds of showsand I'm usually playing with a band that's so loud and noisy I can't even hear if it's an accurate representation or not.

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List of Hammond organ players

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